As an in-house editor, it is essential that the freelancers I hire can be relied upon not only for the excellence of their work but also for their responsiveness to deadlines. As such I am grateful to work with indexer Sheila Ryan, who has done all of the indexing for Graphic Arts Books for four years. Her indexes are thorough and accurate, and she always meets the requested deadline, even for projects that require a tight turnaround. Knowing that Sheila will provide a quality index every time is very much appreciated; I cannot recommend Sheila’s services highly enough.
Kathy Howard, Editor
I was struggling just now to remember where I had mentioned Juan Carlos Lopez de la Calle. Then, purple book in hand, I realized, I didn't need to remember, I didn't even need to get out a pdf and use spotlight book has an index!!! Oh yes, and there he was, lovely old Juan Carlos. Just so you know your work continues to be appreciated.
Robert Poynton, Author
As an author, I was too familiar with the content of my book to write an effective index. Sheila Ryan of Ryan Indexing organized my book’s content into headings and subheadings that were constructive, concise, and easy to use. Readers can immediately find interrelated topics without a great deal of page-flipping.
Jennifer A. Rea, Associate Professor
During our collaborative work together, Sheila's indexing was as clear, concise, and thorough as her communication was professional and sensitive. Impeccably she met her deadlines, solved unexpected problems, and created a logical and intuitive index.
Kate Williams, MA,
Sheila completed two indexes for a book project. Her indexes were the most thorough I've seen. The schedule kept changing and was tightened tremendously, but she completed the indexes quickly and on time. She made an extremely difficult project so much easier. I highly recommend her.
Laurel Bowen, Editor and Project Manager
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