The huge popularity of eBooks has changed publishing forever. No longer constrained to print pages, your content can be made available to readers in multiple eBook formats or as apps (software applications for the Internet as well as mobile devices). Don't forget to include an index for your electronic publications! Indexing is essential for providing readers with pre-analyzed, highly structured, and rapid access to your content. As eloquently stated on the Society of Indexers website, full text searching is not sufficient.

Ryan Indexing can provide index files that include the HTML coding that is required for EPUB output and other eBook formats. Index entries are coded to the paragraph level, and single-element coding can be provided if necessary. If you are updating backlist titles for publication as eBooks, Ryan Indexing will be happy to assist you with updating your index files. Please contact me to discuss your project needs.

What about page numbers? While page numbers no longer have the same meaning for re-sizable, reflowable text on tablets and other eReaders, the visual aid of page numbers in an eBook index can still help readers assess the density and relative amount of text coverage for topics when looking at a span of pages vs. a single page entry. Index entries can also appear as hyperlinked text (similar to webpage links), or locators can be customized to appear as a symbol, such as «» or ◊.

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